... to the brand new G-Wagen, the first international G-Wagen magazine in English. The magazine provides you with a perfect opportunity to advertise your business and targeting those who really use their G-Wagen. 6.000 copies are circulated worldwide (300 UK, 100 Ireland, 2.000 USA, 500 Canada, 100 Australia, 500 UAE, 100 Africa, 1.000 Asia, 300 Russia, 1.100 rest of Europe).

The key to G-Wagen´s success is that its team of staff and freelancers are all deeply involved with the subject. In just the last few weeks, for example, the team has been off-road driving, greenlining, entered Mercedes and Puch G club trials, attended events and spent time in the workshop in order to compile features for the magazine.

Our readers are known for noticing the adverts that surround action-packed and interesting features; if you... 


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General Information about our magazine

Launch:        2009
Cover price: $ 12.00 / € 9.00
Frequency:   4 issues a year

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G-Wagen is published quartal. A yearly subscription covers 4 issues.As soon as you´ve filled the subscription form below... 
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